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The U.S.TAXFAX is a newsletter published by our firm covering various topics relating to U.S. and cross-border tax matters.

This PDF document discusses how non residents recover U.S. taxes withheld on gambling winnings.

Canada - U.S. exchange rates from 1990 onwards.

Information on how a U.S. non resident obtains a U.S. ID number.

This is a W-7 form and instructions in PDF format.  It is a fillable form.


Kotler van den Brink & Company has been providing U.S. and cross-border tax consulting services to other professionals since 1988.   

Firm Profile:

Our practice is restricted to U.S. and cross-border tax consulting and compliance services. Most of our services are provided to small to medium sized accounting and law firms. Upon establishing a relationship with a firm, we either deal directly with them or with their clients, based upon their personal preference.

Amongst other things, we consult on the U.S. and Canadian tax consequences of the following:

bulletCorporate and Individual Emigration and Immigration
bulletDoing Business in the United States
bulletCanadian Individuals and Corporations Investing in U.S. Real Property

U.S. Citizens Residing in Canada

Contact Information:

Mailing address:
 #208 - 15272 Croydon Drive
           Surrey, British Columbia, (V3S 0Z5)   Canada
Telephone: (604)531-6207          Fax: (604)538-9713
E-Mail: wes@kvdb.com